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The City of Phoenix Has Chosen Dose Moving and Storage as the Official Movers

Sep 24

Dose Moving and Storage

Phoenix, Arizona – The Dose Moving and Storage company has been awarded a 5-year housing contract with the city of Phoenix, AZ. The Phoenix moving company has said that “we are proud to be crowned the official moving company and will strive to live up to expectations.” Companies awarded the contract by the city of Phoenix are tasked with handling, moving needs in the city, which often requires adhering to high standards of service set by the city.

Dose Moving Company in Phoenix  Arizona Being the ‘Official Mover of Phoenix’ is a badge of honor for businesses in the moving and storage industry. It is, in a way, a testament and a certification that the company can be trusted. However, prior to being awarded the contract, the Phoenix moving company had a laundry list of positive reviews and testimonials by home and business owners that were more than happy with the service. According to some experts, those positive reviews accumulated over the years are one of the reasons why the company may have been awarded the contract.

Readers can find out more about Dose Moving In Phoenix and get in touch with the company directly via the official website

“We have continued to remain open and help people move throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Furthermore, we also continue to be the moving and storage service of choice for people who trust us to deliver speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, something we have become highly popular for in the first place. That said, we are proud of our team for helping the company become the Official Mover Phoenix. It is teamwork and dedication that have got us to this point and will take us beyond” Said the CEO for Dose Moving and Storage.

He added, “We are committed to continuing serving the city of Phoenix and the state of Arizona.”

About Dose Moving

Dose Moving and Storage started in a garage in 2014. With a Ford pickup truck and a rented Uhaul trailer, Dose made deliveries for consignment stores. One of the customers was so happy with her delivery that she asked if we would move her. We said sure! From that day forward, we were in the moving business.

Dose quickly decided that they would take everything that was wrong with the moving industry and change it. Dose patented our moving and wrapping techniques so that nothing would get damaged. Dose changed the pricing structure so that all rates were transparent and honest with no hidden or extra fees. Dose changed the hiring process and culture of the moving industry by paying our employees more than any other moving company. Dose only hires non-smokers and our employees must pass a federal background check and drug test.

Dose has 4 Locations: Dose Moving and Storage in Phoenix ArizonaDose Moving and Storage in Leesburg Virginia, Dose Moving and Storage in Mesa Arizona, Dose Moving and Storage in Ashburn Virginia.

Dose Moving and Storage in Phoenix